3 Way Total - forecast & bet analyzer

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3 Way Total - forecast & bet analyzer

Football betting spreadsheet that gives the possibilities for the results of a match supported fifteen algorithms.

This spreadsheet will assist you heaps in collecting your football betting ticket. due to AI and also the algorithms calculate matches, you'll receive data equivalent to statistics, offensive, defensive play, goal ratios and a bunch of different vital statistics, that you will want hours to research a football match.

Due to the spreadsheet we've got developed, the analysis of a football match and the information you will receive regarding it'll be obtainable to you in seconds. each day. Sports betting spreadsheet analyzer for bettors. Best betting spreadsheet and the way to seek out value bets on this could be a awfully simple task victimisation this spreadsheet our price betting larva catches and shows you instant value bets that you just you can use it to compile your ticket.

Powerful prediction engine capable of calculating baseline fair odds (1 X 2), double odds (1X 12 2X), Asian handicap, etc. (up to 50 different odds per event are calculated).

The automatonic indulgent algorithmic program estimates the chance of a specific outcome. counting on the probability, the result cell is highlighted in green.

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