1x2 Betting Tips

1x2 Betting Tips

You could say that everything in life rests on a solid foundation. It is similar with bookmaker, which is based primarily on the basic 1 × 2 bet, from which everything really started, and now is fully dependent on it. What is it and how to include it? Let's start!

A lot of sports are so-called  3-way disciplines . This means that the match we have selected can end in three ways, of which, of course, only one will ultimately be correct.

By the way, converting it into percentages, betting on one solution means that we only have a 33.33% chance of winning.

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Therefore, betting operators provide players with three options, thanks to which we can easily indicate our type on the final result of a 3-way sport. These are:

  • 1 - home victory,
  • X (the 0) - remis,
  • 2 - guests win.

And this is exactly the 1 × 2 bet shrouded in many myths ! There is nothing difficult about it, right? So you should quickly catch what is going on, but for the consolidation of knowledge we will present it with an example.


There is no doubt that  one of the 3-way sports is soccer . Let's take, for example, Saturday's match between Manchester United and Liverpool FC as part of the 30th round of the English Premier League. If we want to bet on the victory of the Red Devils, we have to choose the odds from the column marked "1".

If we think there will be a draw at Old Trafford, then of course we choose 'x'. If, on the other hand, our hunch tells us that The Reds will take three points from Manchester Red, then we choose a factor from the column called "2". There is nothing difficult about it, right? To make it easier, you can take a look at the photo, it should clear up any doubts.

Keep in mind that betting on 1x2 is almost always regular time , so any overtime or penalties, for example in cups, no longer have any influence on our tip. And, of course, remember that the number of goals in this bet does not matter at all. The most important thing is that the result should be in line with what we bet. For example: if we bet on Liverpool's triumph on Saturday, he can win, for example 1-0, 2-0 or e.g. 3: 1.

If the duel ends in a 5: 4 space for the Reds, our tip will also be hit, because only the victory counts . In fact, the 1X2 picks are among the easiest to bet, so every bettor will certainly be able to deal with them right away.


The most popular sports that can end in three different ways include not only the aforementioned football, but also basketball, handball and ice hockey, among others. The list also includes boxing, but let's face it - a draw in martial arts is not a common phenomenon.


Recently, quite surprisingly, the fashion for 1 × 2 betting has returned , although we think that relying only on this type of bets is not a good solution. And not only because we only have a slightly over 33% chance of winning.

It's just hard to make money on such tips. It cannot be denied that if we want to be in the black, we must either demonstrate very high effectiveness, or we simply have to spend a lot of time analyzing individual matches. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts in this method, but you can of course earn money.

It will be much better if you combine certain 1X2 picks with other betting picks. For our part, we recommend, first of all, selections that have only two final results. This group includes, for example, a bet without a draw, or basic selections for corners or offsides. A judicious combination of different types will optimize your coupons and allow you to win even more! 

Of course, if you want to bet on 1X2 only, you can do it without any problems, but remember that then you need a lot of patience. And finally, it is worth adding that if you plan to play on 1X2 types, then it is worth picking up a few bonuses for 1x2 types (you have a link above on the banner - just click on it). This will allow you to gain an additional, completely free betting budget for the game. The most common bonuses for 1X2 picks are free bets, cashbacks and 100% bonuses.

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