Earn 3% every day with bets: Systems and Strategy

Earn 3% every day with bets: Systems and Strategy

Excellent system with which it is possible to double the earnings every month, valid if used consistently and you can reach a 3% daily. As is well known, creating a 3% return in these times is not easy, even if the percentage is small. In fact, there are no safe returns even in the world of football. We have tried this system over the years to earn 3% and we can tell you that in most cases we come close to this return.

The system for earning 3% is proven

With a well-supported starting point, this system can record a yield that on balance after about 12 months of application turns out to be exceptional with values ​​ranging from € 100 in yield in the first month to a maximum of € 204,800 at the end of the year. Not large sums of money, but a good return potential that can even surprise you if pushed. In practice, a bet a day at a low and constant odds, even if it is not always successful, in the end it will be a winner. Always opt for bets whose odds are always lower than the possible winnings and study football predictions well .

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Little expense, maximum effort and good yield

The suggested method allows you not to give up on the money you have in cash and to play consistently and in small profitable steps; the important thing is to study the game method and the odds well, customizing the system according to your possibilities and preferences, raising or lowering the percentages to your liking . The key thing is to never skip any matchdays. In fact, this system for making small gains is based above all on the daily commitment in betting small odds designed precisely to have the maximum yield with the minimum expenditure. It is even possible to use the free credits offered by the various bookmakers, such as the € 5 Free offered by Snai .

It is essential to have patience

A fundamental rule to run this system well is to never bet more than 20% of your available budget on a single prediction. If the forecast turns out to be incorrect, it can be remedied by updating the daily bets by increasing the percentage points; that is, increase both the percentage target and the yield shares, bringing them to interval values ​​of 1.20-1.30. The results can only be seen in the long distance so it is always good to have a lot of patience. To see all the other betting systems, we invite you to read the appropriate section .