How to bet on football

How to bet on football

Many players believe that gut and luck are almost sure of success in the bookmaker. Many players find it difficult to agree with such a thesis - the more so if we think about regular betting "seriously", for stakes higher than the proverbial and already shrouded in many stories.

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Then we need not only to be familiar with the betting league and specific teams, but also to have the ability to think analytically, which in many cases is invaluable.

Naturally, we do not have to work out everything ourselves. Many useful materials can be found in the press or on internet portals: by using such help, we have access to, among others, the opinions of experts, tables, the current form of the teams bet and live results. And that's not all, because the Internet is an extremely valuable source of knowledge, thanks to which we can delve into the subject even more and reach e.g. to the tactical preferences of individual players, their style of play or even the atmosphere that prevails in the dressing room.


Football is a 3-way sport. This means that the bettor predicts a victory for one of the two teams or a draw - this is the basis from which you always start. However, today's bookmaker market does not waste football potential and periodically expands the football offer with various combinations. The most popular bets, in addition to the mentioned and well-known 1X2, include:

  • a tip for a win without a draw (1 or 2 DNB)  - in the case of a division of points, the bet is settled at the standard odds of 1.0.
  • double chance, or a bet with a "  prop " - we choose two of the three basic variants. Then we can choose the following combinations: 1X, 12, X2.
  • handicap  - applies mainly to competitions in which we assume in advance that one team has a clear advantage over the other. Then the so-called extra goals. For example, if we play a 0: 1 handicap and bet on 1 (we can also choose X or 2), the first team must win with a minimum difference of two goals.
  • both teams to score (BTS)  - here we are dealing with a 2-way system, because we can bet on YES (both teams will score at least one goal) or NO (both teams will not score at least one goal).
  • Number of goals in the match under / over  - there are many combinations in this variant, but the most popular limit is 2.5 goals in the match. If we choose this type, we can circle 1 (less than 2.5) or 2 (more than 2.5) on the coupon.


Definitely yes. Before we start a thorough analysis of the types and subtypes for a given football event, we need to check in which games the duel will be played. The rank of the match is of great importance because it affects not only the motivation of individual players or coaches, but also the starting position of the team.

In addition, managers in matches with less pressure like to test new tactical elements, which translates into weaker competition and distorts the overall picture of the match of a given team, naturally reducing our chances of hitting the bet on the match. And you have to remember this every time, because only this will guarantee you protection against unstable betting tips.

The hierarchy of club competitions, starting with the most prestigious ones: 
international cups> league games> national cups> friendly matches
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Therefore, the most sensible thing to do is to select the first two (or, ultimately, three) of the above-mentioned groups. Then we are sure that the team will be one hundred percent prepared for this match and will also come out in the strongest possible line-up. Of course, if there are no resentments and exclusions related to the excess of yellow cards in the way.

Remember that the rank of the match is of great importance when betting on football.
Place matches of the Champions League and European leagues, avoid friendly matches!


The exact date (date) of a bet on the football game is of great importance. It should be taken into account if we are betting on a match that belongs to the first three groups. Most, however, it belongs to the second group, which is why it will be a perfect example to illuminate the whole situation.

League games should be divided into three stages. The first and the last, i.e. the beginning and the end of the season, are certainly unpredictable. Then we pay special attention to the situation in individual clubs. There are cases that the teams at the start still reach tactically or simply tighten their players' squad, which adversely affects the course of the field events. It is similar at the end of the league campaign. Then one should be very careful with the competition, because some teams play only for the proverbial "parsley" and simply give up matches, adding talented juniors to the squad.


  • Betting on football shouldn't be based on just a gut feeling. Before we select a match for the coupon, we should thoroughly analyze it, for example check the staffing situation or the form of the teams in the last few matches.
  • The rank of the meeting and the time are important when selecting sports events. Competitors and coaches come to matches of high pressure and importance differently than, for example, to friendly matches. In addition, it should be remembered that the middle of the season is the optimal period when it is easiest to correctly predict the final result of the match.
  • Football is a 3-way (1X2) sport, but the betting offer goes way beyond the basics. The most popular subtypes are 'Win No Draw', 'Double Chance' and 'Match Goals', as well as 'Both Teams To Score' and 'Handicap'.
  • Used betting software to analyze the possibilities for the output of football match.

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