Is it worth betting on low-odds matches? part 1

Is it worth betting on low-odds matches? part 1

The bookmaker offer available from legally operating in our country betting operators is quite substantial and everyone will surely find something for themselves. However, a large part of the selection is characterized by low coefficients that do not look attractive at first glance. This article was published thanks to the"" Betting Software Analysis.   

It is this betting element that we will deal with this time. Is it worth betting on low-odds matches at all? We will try to develop this thread now and answer this question.

Interestingly, the recent research shows that meetings with relatively low odds are very popular among players who are just taking their first steps in bookmaking. This is probably due to the fact that they do not have the necessary experience, thanks to which they could reduce the risk of ... losing.

Yes, yes, of a loss, because it often happens that theoretical certainty with low coefficients in the end spoil not only all the fun, but also the betting coupon. And you do not have to look far for examples, because who has to taste recently just because Manchester United or Manchester City lost to their own audience in the English Premier League with the worst team in the league? Exactly!


In fact, you could write a few very thick books about surety, because almost one hundred percent there is no player who would not spoil the entire betting bet , consisting of several or even a dozen or so items , at least once . If you do not want to believe it, take a look at the unlucky coupon on the left side. It confirms that there are no matches in betting and it does not matter what odds are assigned to them.

Therefore, cautious players with experience try to choose their selections with a coefficient of not less than 1.50, although sometimes it can even be 1.70 (see what the betting odds are  and how the odds for betting events are formed ). It all depends on what winnings we are counting on and how many matches we "tap" on our bookmaker.

Of course, forethought or, if you prefer, predictability, is not the only reason why meetings with smaller rates should not be used. The second is simply a possible win - our profit, for which we will bet on sports events. Let's not hide that by betting on such matches, we simply won't win even decent money. Especially if we like to bet double or treble coupons.

Anyway, see how it looks in practice, because the example will best illustrate the whole situation for you. Suppose we are fans of two-event bets. We have 100 zlotys allocated for our coupon and we bet two matches with low odds , because we are counting on theoretically easy profit. The first is Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers, and the second is the Minnesota Timberwolves confrontation with the Houston Rockets. In both cases, we focus on "two", which is a triumph for visitors. In the first case, the victory of the visitors is "valued" at 1.24, while in the second at 1.16, so as the saying goes, there is no madness.

The overall coefficient of these two matches is 1.44, so if we place such a bet for EUR 100, only EUR 126.58 will go to our player's account (in case of winning), so we purely win just over EUR 26! Our possible profit is so low, because we had to deduct a 12% tax from the win (EUR 100 x exchange rate 1.44)  , which is applicable in our country and which is deducted from every amount staked ( you can read more about 12% tax here ) .

By the way, it can be noted that by betting on the single on which we choose the Cavaliers triumph, we can win by placing a stake of just over ... 9 zlotys. And now we have to ask ourselves whether - colloquially writing - "the game is worth the candle", because we bet as much as EUR 100, and we have really poor money to win. If you want to play / test low odds, use free no deposit bonuses for that. Then, without putting in your own money, you will be able to check how you are playing at low odds.

And at this point it is worth recalculating all of this in a broader perspective: how many times do we have to win to make up for a potential defeat, which will sooner or later become a fact. If we stick to the above numbers, in the event of a missed coupon, we have to hit four more bets to get to the proverbial zero . Therefore, we encourage you to play carefully and meticulously choose the coefficients, because it does not really matter whether the competition is marked with the odds of 1.12 or 1.85.

It's just a sport, so anything can happen. Therefore, don't just look at the chance of success, but also keep in mind how much you earn. Otherwise, you will very quickly get rid of your betting budget, which you have so painstakingly created.

It is worth knowing that predicting matches with low odds has many advantages, and such odds should not be deleted at the start. How can they be used? You will learn about it in the second part of our text ! We invite you to read!


  • Betting low odds is associated with a high, and sometimes even very high risk, because even betting too high, we will not win satisfactory money.
  • If we place double or treble coupons, we have to choose the coefficients so that in the final analysis the overall price fluctuates around 2.00. It is such a profitability barrier, especially at high stakes.
  • Low coefficients are only suitable for occasional gaming, which we primarily treat as fun, and the final win does not matter to us. Then we can add a few events to our "tape" with the rate not exceeding 1.30.