The minimum number of events on the coupon

The minimum number of events on the coupon

In the betting environment, the phrase "minimum number of events on the coupon" is used very often. For some time now you have been asking us what it really means and what it is all about, so we have prepared a short explanation of this for you. We invite you to read! The minimum number of events on the coupon is nothing more than the number of matches that we have to place on our bet to meet the requirements of the betting operator. When do such requirements appear?

Bookmakers very often include such a condition in the regulations when they organize promotional campaigns. They can apply to both regular customers and those who are just taking their first steps in bookmaker. 

The dispersion is really large, so we will generalize this topic a bit and present it on a universal example, which should make the whole situation clearer for everyone. Take, for example, the NBA bonus organized by one of the legally operating bookmakers in our country. In his regulations, he wrote that in order to take advantage of this promotion, you must place  a combo bet consisting of a minimum of four events, one of which must be closely related to the American basket . In addition, the general rate on our coupon cannot be less than 5.00.

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So what can a betting coupon look like that meets all the restrictions proposed by a sports betting operator? The bet we have prepared (you can see it below), consists of four events, one of which is related to the NBA - Indiana Pacers vs Milwaukee Bucks, so we can immediately say that two of the three conditions have already been met.

We look further, in our coupon the general factor is over 13.00, so we covered the third restriction without any problems. As a result, we met all the requirements and we can collect the prize from beech with a clear conscience. What could it be? For example, a risk-free bet worth, say, PLN 50.

By the way, it can be added that by placing this coupon for PLN 50, our account can get almost PLN 600, so the final win looks quite encouraging. However, we would like to point out that individual selections were selected for the above coupon without a thorough analysis, so we encourage you to analyze your chances of success yourself.

Overall, we recommend that you read all promotion terms and conditions very carefully at all times - whether they are new player bonuses or promotions for seasoned bettors. Thanks to this, nothing will surprise you and you will be 100% sure that you have met all the requirements of the betting operator and thus you deserve a prize.

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