What are surebets? - Examples

What are surebets? - Examples

Anyone who has never had contact with sports betting probably wonders what the goal is for all players who decided to take this type of entertainment. The answer is short and very simple. Adrenaline and fun. These two things usually accompany every tipster. When high winnings are also associated with it, then nothing more is needed for happiness. 

So what to do to get rich on mutual wagering? You can start betting on surebets. What are they and how should it be done? A few words about it in the article below.

Surebet - definition

According to the book definition of a surebet (also known as an arbitrage bet), it is such a situation when placing the bet we are interested in, in which, regardless of the result of the match, we will still win. Is there such a possibility at all? Yes, of course.

For this to happen, we need to place two opposing bets on two different bookmakers. What should such a bet look like? We rush to explain it to you.

Surebets - examples

To illustrate exactly how surebets work, it is worth presenting them on a specific example. For this purpose, we will use the Brazil-Argentina meeting. Here is what the procedure for betting on surebets looks like on the example of a two-way event:

Bookmaker X offers odds of 1.7 for the victory of Brazil and 2.05 for the victory of Argentina. At bookmaker Y, the values ​​of the odds for the same events are opposite, ie 2.05 for Brazil and 1.7 for the Argentine team.

So when we decide to simultaneously bet EUR 100 on the victory of Argentina at bookmaker X and EUR 100 on the victory of Brazil at bookmaker Y, then investing a total of EUR 200, we have a profit of EUR 210.

Finding good and profitable arbs is usually a miracle, but for a quick calculation of the profitability of such bets, we can use surebets calculators, which are currently available in bunches on the Internet.

What can surebets be used for?

Surebets are one of the most popular forms of betting on bookmakers' bonuses. However, this is not the only situation in which you should take advantage of this form of betting.

As mentioned above, when playing surebets, we are in a winning position in virtually every case. So it is a good form of capital building game. Its only significant downside is that at the beginning of your adventure with surebets, you need to have a large amount of financial resources.

Are there any risks when playing surebets?

Unfortunately yes. We hope you are aware that the bookmaker does not like being beaten by anyone. In the case of surebets, we will always note a win in company X or Y. Hence, over time, we can wait for limits to be imposed with one of them.

A different risk occurs when the bookmakers' regulations differ in the event of an interruption or postponement of a specific meeting. Bookmaker X may return the invested stake, while beech Y will wait until the duel starts again.

Betting on surebets is primarily a mission for experienced and skillful players. So, if you are a beginner betting enthusiast, we definitely do not recommend this form of the game

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