What does DNB mean in sport betting?

What does DNB mean in sport betting?

When a layman's first contact with betting is concerned, some of the returns used by bookmakers may seem a bit strange and complicated. One of such expressions is DNB . What does this abbreviation mean and where is it most often found? A few words about it below. This article was published thanks to the"Aiplaysmart.com" Betting Software Analysis.  

What is DNB?

DNB stands for "draw no bet". Translated into Polish it means "a draw has no bet". DNB is found in the case of three-way bets, i.e. those where there are three different settlements, i.e. a home win, a draw or a away win.

So if our coupon includes a DNB bet, and the game ended in a draw, we will receive a refund of the invested funds on our player account.

DNB - example

In order to understand in detail the operating mechanism of the DNB plant, we will present it to you on an example. Our model will be the last Krakow derby, which will be held on December 4, 2020. took place at Kałuża in Krakow. The bets presented below along with the odds come from the bookmaker :

Draw no Bet

Cracovia - 1.46 odds VS WIsla's 2.55 odds

Let's assume that our rate is equal to EUR 100. When we decided to bet on Cracovia, our winnings were as follows:

  • Cracovia win - EUR 146 
  • draw - stake refund
  • Wisła's win - lost bet

When the same amount was allocated to the bet related to the Vistula triumph, the winnings were as follows:

  • Cracovia win - lost bet
  • draw - stake refund
  • Wisła's win - EUR 255

So we can see, as in the attached picture, that in both situations the draw result was not taken into account. It always means the return of the invested funds in the case of choosing the DNB plant.

Is it worth playing DNB bets?

This question can often be found on all kinds of thematic groups or forums gathering players involved in betting. As usual, there is no clear answer to it. There are pros and cons to using it.

The DNB bet can definitely be recommended to players who are only at the beginning of their adventure with bookmaker. By choosing it, they significantly reduce the risk of incorrectly selecting a winner. If the favorite enters the match weakened, there is a high probability that it may perform below expectations.

In a situation where we are 100% sure of the triumph of the team we chose, it is not worth deciding on the DNB plant. Bookmakers then offer much lower odds than in the case of a regular bet. In order not to be groundless, we publish for comparison the odds without the DNB bet:

We leave the decision in your hands. At the same time, we remind you that if you want more similar articles, be sure to leave a mark in the form of the rating below!

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