What is an under / over bet

What is an under / over bet

Fans who fill the hall or stadium expect to see as many goals or points as possible in the match. The coaches in team games also focus on the offensive, which makes the match attractive for viewers.

It is very well visible in the case of football, where each year the players have better technical training and more and more goals are scored in the games.

Goals are also very important in betting: all legal bookmakers operating on the Polish market have  bets on their offers for below or above a certain number of goals or points in a given match.

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What is such a bet and what does it consist of? What to pay attention to if our under / over bets give the highest probability of winning? 

We can place bets on the number of goals on both LIVE and long-term bets. We can bet below / above the number of goals in traditional team sports (football, handball or hockey) and, for example, on virtual matches and computer football games.

These bets are also very popular in esports tournaments where fans place under / over bets on the number of maps in a League of Legends computer game match.


Placing a bet on the result above or below a certain number of goals in a match, known as an under / over bet, involves selecting a certain number of goals (soccer, handball, hockey) or points (volleyball, tennis) in a specific match . Bookmakers set several point lines for this bet, starting from 0.5 to even 6.5 goals in a football match.

For example, we will take the last Manchester derby, in which the Red Devils turned out to be better, beating The Citizens 3-2. The player who bet on 2.5 goals over won the bet, because the match had to score a minimum of 3 goals (and as many as five were scored). If he had bet on under 2.5, i.e. below 2.5 goals, the match would have to end 0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 0: 1, 0-2 or 1: 1 for the bet to be won - that is, two or fewer goals would have to be scored.

Bets on under or over the number of goals in a match for virtually all beech trees are available in the pre-match and LIVE offer. Please note that this is for regular playing time: football is 90 minutes, basketball is 40 minutes in Europe and 48 minutes in the NBA. Overtime and penalty kicks are not included - bookmakers offer separate bets for this type of event. Betting operators also offer under / over bets on the number of corners, yellow cards or the number of sets.

Examples of under / over bets

Under 1.5 (Under 1.5)

When we place a bet below 1.5 goals, we win when no goal is scored or only one goal is scored, and we lose when two or more goals are scored in the match. 

Over 1.5 (Over 1.5)

In this situation, when we place a bet over 1.5 goals - we win when at least two goals are scored, but we lose when there is one goal or the match ends with a goalless result (0: 0). 

Under 2.5 (Under 2.5)

By placing a bet under 2.5 goals, we win when no goal is scored, there will be one or a maximum of two goals, and we lose when at least 3 goals are scored in the match. 

Over 2.5 (Over 2.5)

We've made a bet that there will be at least three goals - we lose when the score is goalless, one or no more than two goals are scored; we win when three or more goals have been scored.


Under / over bets are becoming more and more popular with seasoned bettors. Until recently, the most popular coupons were only classic 1X2 betting tips, while now you can find mixed match and goal bets, or even whole coupons consisting of only under / over bets.

However, it is worth remembering that the correct selection of such an event is not as simple as it might seem to everyone. For this, we need detailed knowledge about the teams competing in a given match, and the most important element is the statistics of goals scored by both teams .

We can find a lot of information on this topic online. If we see that team A and team B score 3 goals per game on average, then it is worth betting on over 2.5 goals in the match.

Another important thing is to analyze the composition of a given team, because the presence or absence of individual team members on the pitch can have a very significant impact on the final number of goals in a match . In live betting it will not be difficult because we can see what line-up the team we plan to bet on is playing. However, it is worse in the case of the pre-match bet. Then we have to wait for the current squads, which appear most often about 30 minutes before the game, or we have to look for information about the expected "11" ourselves. If we know before the game that the team's best scorer, for example Lionel Messi in Barcelona, ​​is injured - we need to think carefully before betting on the over.

In addition, we must pay attention to the current form and tactics of the team . If, for example, AC Milan scored fewer goals in recent games, and his overall goal average is still high, you should consider whether it is worth betting on such a team at all. It may also happen that the clear favorite in the match currently has a defensive tactic in order to get a full set of points with the least amount of effort. Often times, such matches end with a low score, so betting over a certain number of goals can be risky.

Where to place bets under / over?

If you want to predict the results of matches and play for the number of goals via the Internet, the best betting operators will make it possible for you. Use the available prizes and bonuses for the code and without the code for regular players for typing. 

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