English league - the most frequently placed bets

English league - the most frequently placed bets

In each season, bookmakers tempt their players with a whole range of football bets for the English Premier League. We check which tips for the English league are the most popular among players and what is worth betting, so that our coupons have the best chance of success. Apart from the rivalry of the best English teams, no real football fan can pass by indifferently. This is due to, inter alia, from the fact that it is in the UK that you can admire such world-class football clubs as incl. Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal.N  This article was published thanks to the"Aiplaysmart.com" Betting Software Analysis.    

For this reason, the English top league is treated in a special way by legal bookmakers, which translates into an incredibly wide range of betting tips and subtypes regarding bookmakers' matches for the top league matches in England.

Which of them are most often used by punters and with which teams our betting coupons have the best chance of success? Before we get down to the details, we must point out that if you are not sure which online bookmakers you can place bets with legally, you can find a complete list of legal online operators here <<< Click and check where it is worth betting on certain types online with high odds.


Of course, the greatest interest of English football fans is 1X2 bets on the Premier League, i.e. 3-way bets with three choices, i.e. home win, draw or away win. As in all football competitions, the best chances of hitting this type are given by the top teams.

In the Premier League, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Arsenal can be considered as such. It is also worth mentioning here the bets with a kickstand (a team win or a draw). In this case, Citizens seem to be a certainty, who in the 2017/2018 season left the field only twice without a score.

Player tip: With the classic 1x2 bets in the Premier League it is worth betting on Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur winning their matches.


Players from bookmakers who prefer to bet on football matches on English pitches are also eager to choose goal score betting in selected Premier League matches. There will be no shortage of these when the aforementioned teams enter the field. However, this does not change the fact that The Citizens are in the lead anyway, who scored the most goals five times in the 2011/2012-2017 / 2018 campaigns. The aforementioned hegemony was best seen in the 2017/2018 season, when the team from Citizens from the Etihad Stadium was able to find their way to the opponent's goal as many as 106 times.

Tip for the player: When betting matches with Manchester City FC in the lead role, bet that they will score.

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Bets regarding no goals on both sides (both teams to score - no) or keeping a clean sheet by a given team (win to zero) are also very popular. In the 2017/2018 Premier League edition, the team from the blue part of Manchester presented the best in this aspect, conceding just 27 goals. In turn, the season earlier, Koguty could boast the best work in the defense, which translated into 26 goals scored by rivals. Chelsea (The Blues) and Manchester United (Red Devils) have also been hard to beat in recent years.

Tip for the player: In matches, incl. Manchester City or Tottenham Hotspur, it is worth betting on the lack of goals on the opponent's side.


It is also worth taking a look at the long-term bets in the English league, which are also very popular among new and experienced tipsters. This is mainly due to the fact that the aforementioned rivalries rarely end with unexpected outcomes. And so, since 2008, the Premier League editions are dictated by practically only three teams. We are talking here exactly about Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United - these teams won as many as nine championship titles during this time. The 2015/2016 campaign is an exception here, when Leicester City presented the most even form in the marathon of 38 matches.

In the 2018/2019 season, however, it is difficult to expect a bigger surprise, as the betting operators are convinced of. And so, the legal Polish bookmaker Totolotek gives the footballers led by the former Barcelona coach - Pep Guardiola (odds 1.60) the best chance of a final triumph. The next places in this ranking were placed by the official partner of Lechia Gdańsk: The Reds (course 3.60), The Blues (course 10) and Spurs (course 11.00).

Tip for the player: When reaching for long-term bets in the English league, it is worth betting on brands that are considered favorites. In the case of the Premier League winner, it is worth betting on the triumph of Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea.


On the other hand, when it comes to the rivalry between the most effective players, the striker from White Hart Lane, i.e. Harry Kane, has been in the lead over the last few seasons. This was the case in the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 campaigns, when the Englishman scored 25 and 29 goals consecutively. He lost the title to Mohamed Salah (32 hits) only in the 2017/2018 competition, but he still managed to defeat his opponents' goalkeepers 30 times.

No wonder that currently bookmakers give him the best chance of repeating this achievement. This is also the approach of the sports betting operator forBET, whose odds for Harry Kane to win as the Premier League's top scorer is 3.85. 

Player Tip: In long-term betting on Premier League goalscorer, the best chance of winning is with Harry Kane.

According to the main sponsor of Śląsk Wrocław, the attackers from London will be thwarted by Sergio Aguero (odds 4.30), the already mentioned Mohamed Salah (odds 5.75) and Romelu Lukaku (odds 10.25).

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