German league - the most frequently placed bets

German league - the most frequently placed bets

In each sport discipline and in each competition, you can indicate bookmakers, which are the most popular and most often chosen by players. How is the Bundesliga, which is one of the best leagues of the Old Continent, presented in this respect? This article was published thanks to the"" Betting Software Analysis.

Betting forms offer players pre-match bets on football and LIVE bets, and the selection covers the entire set of selections and football leagues.

Mutual bets on the Bundesliga constitute a significant point of the offer of each beech . Football competition on German fields in our country is especially popular due to the figure of Robert Lewandowski.

So let's check which bets on the German highest league are most often reached by the Vistula tipsters and what it comes from.


In the German league, bets on the number of goals (under / over) are very popular among players , in which it is necessary to estimate how many hits will be scored in a particular match.

This type of betting can work best in the case of Bayern Munich, which has practically always boasted the highest number of goals in recent seasons. What's more, many goals should not be missing also in other Bundesliga matches, because, for example, in the entire 2016/2017 game campaign, a total of 877 were scored, which gives 2.87 hits per game.

Tip for the player: When  betting on individual matches in the German Premier League, bet on a large number of goals (e.g. over 2 or 2.5 per game).


The players of bookmakers in the German competitions also do not avoid bets related to the presence of goals in the case of individual teams. In this aspect, Bayern Munich is in the lead, which only in the Bundesliga 2018 edition successfully finished the action and sealed with goals 92 times.

It is no different in the case of bets concerning no goals on both sides (both teams to score - no) or keeping a clean sheet by a given team (win to zero). In this element of football craftsmanship, the club from Allianz Arena fares best again, which since the 2010/2011 campaign has only once conceded more goals than its rivals. And so, among others Last season, the Bavarians scored only 28 goals. At that time, Schalke was second in this classification - 37 goals.

Player tip:  In matches where Bayern Munich is playing, bet on the opponent's no goals or on Bayern Munich to score.

The dominance of the Bavarians is fully confirmed by the statistics of the German Bundesliga. The team from Munich is not only the club with the most league triumphs, but also the team with the fewest losses during one league season. In addition, it is worth noting that the team from Allianz Arena also holds the record for the longest series of victories in league matches.

Red and whites also dominate the goals scored statistics. In the rich history, they present themselves not only as the team that scored the most goals during one season, but also the team that conceded the fewest goals during one campaign.

What's more, it is worth adding at this point that many individual Bundesliga records belong to Bayern Munich players. And here we can distinguish, among others, Gerd Mueller, who scored at least one goal in sixteen consecutive matches, or Robert Lewandowski, who can boast of the fastest scored hat-trick in a single match.


Often times, punters also reach for long-term bets on the German league , and more precisely those involving the fight for the national championship and the race for the crown of the Bundesliga's top scorer. This is due to, inter alia, from the fact that in recent years both of these rivalries have followed a similar scenario.

However, this applies especially to the fight on German fields, where Bayern Munich is undisputedly reigning supreme. It is enough to mention here that from the beginning of the 2012/2013 season until today he has not found a worthy rival for himself, i.e. one who could actually threaten his position.

Hence, at the moment, bookmaker companies have no major doubts and see the favorite of the current tournament in the team previously led by Niko Kovac. And so, among others The legal bookmaker Fortuna set the odds for Bayern Munich's victory in the German league at 1.08. The main sponsor of Legia Warszawa on the next places in this ranking placed BVB with the odds of 12.00, Die Koenigsblauen with the odds of 40.00 and Die Bullen with the odds of 66.00.

Tip for the player: In long-term betting on the winner of the German league, we have the best chance of winning the right type by betting on Bayern Munich.


Bets on the Bundesliga's top scorer are also very popular among tipsters betting on matches in the German league , where it's also hard to expect big surprises. If you want to enjoy the high effectiveness of such tips, you should first choose players from the top teams, because they usually win the crown of the top scorer in the highest league in Germany. It very often happens that the most effective goalscorer of the tournament plays for the team from the so-called TOP3 (teams that are placed on the podium at the end of the season).

Therefore, we recommend that you look for your tips in teams such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia M`Gladbach, RB Leipzig or Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen . Then your chance of correctly guessing such a selection definitely increases. Of course, you can look for sensations and very high bookmaker odds, but then you have to count on a lot of luck, which in the end is not a favorable solution for your betting budget.

Tip for players: When betting on long-term bets in the German league, it is worth remembering that there are rarely big surprises throughout the season, and surprising results are rather the domain of single matches. Therefore, when placing bets on the Bundesliga's top scorer, it is best to bet on the victory of the most effective players from the top clubs.


German football is offered by all online bookmakers. From the biggest STS, Fortuna to smaller ones like Millennium, eWinnerc or eToto - every beech has a football struggle in the offer of LIVE and long-term bets.

The bookmakers most preferred by players and professional tipsters are presented below.

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