Goal Betting - What to bet?

Goal Betting - What to bet?

Goals are an inseparable element of football and determine the final result of the football spectacle. Licensed bookmakers have recently developed a great deal of their goal picks offer, which is why they enjoy the greatest interest, next to match win bets. What gate selections can I put on online SOLO and AKO coupons? Check it out for yourself!

It cannot be denied that football stadiums are filled with fans mainly due to the goals that are being scored more and more. This trend is also followed by companies that organize legal betting via the Internet, setting extensive goal selections, giving punters a wide range of opportunities to create profitable online coupons and increase their funds. This article was published thanks to the"Aiplaysmart.com" Betting Software Analysis.   

The basic bets on the match result are usually limited to single main markets, while the goal picks range from a few to even a dozen lines , such as a total goals bet in the entire match, which can have up to 12 different options to choose from. What's more, bookmakers often assign attractive exchange rates to goal subtypes, and this is very important in the context of potential winnings.

It should be emphasized that selections for soccer teams' goals appear both in the pre-match and live betting offer. In the pre-match version, the bookmaker determines in advance what goal ranges can be bet in advance, while in the live tab the types are constantly modified according to what is happening on the pitch, e.g. the bet "both teams will score" will be withdrawn from the offer after the scoreboard is 1: 1.

You can place bets on goals with your own funds, but also with bookmaker bonuses, such as welcome bonuses, which - like goal types - can be found at every legal bookmaker. As part of the welcome packages we will find, among others deposit bonuses (e.g. doubling your first deposit), free bets or risk-free bets that safeguard our online goal-picks coupons in the event of a failure.

Returning to the goal selections themselves - if you want to check what combinations of goal types can be effectively bet at legal bookmakers and where you will find the best goal odds, we invite you to read our guide.


The times when goal bids were limited to the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match are long gone. Now, licensed bookmakers have developed their goal bets so much that, in addition to the standard lines, they also offer modified odds for individual parts of the match with division into teams or minutes.

Below, we have selected for you a few selections for goals, which have become a showcase of licensed operators and are profitable when creating online football coupons.

 Number of goals in an under / over match

We start our review with the most classic bet on how many goals will be scored in the entire match . Tip refers to the total number of goals scored by both teams and is fielded for two way picks. The players' task is to predict whether the match will be below or above (in English under / over) a certain goal threshold indicated by the bookmaker. Importantly, bets on the number of goals are placed by Polish operators in both tabs with the types: pre-match and LIVE.

The most popular line is the under / over 2.5 goals , but in the bookmakers' offers you can find many more options (range from 0.5 to 6.5 goals). For example, we will take the type of over 2.5 goals in a match. The bet will be successful if both teams score at least three goals in total (e.g. 2: 1, 0: 3, 2: 2).

In the case of these selections, it does not matter what result the duel ends with, only the total sum of all hits counts. We must also mention that the market for the number of goals may concern the entire match, but also the half (first or second), as well as a given team, such as Poland in a match with Albania, will score more than 1.5 goals - the bet will be successful if Biało-Czerwoni scores at least two goals.

 BTTS - Both Teams To Score

Another interesting market in the world of goal betting is the bet on whether both teams will score at least one goal in a match . Another name for this bet is BTTS, from both teams to score and it is a type of a double-track type, so the chance to correctly indicate the result is as much as 50%. In this selection, the player must choose one of two options:

  • BTTS Yes - means that team A and team B will score at least one goal each (e.g. result 1: 1, 1: 2, 4: 2) 
  • BTTS No - it means that in the match only one of the teams will score goals (e.g. results 1-0, 0: 2, 3-0 etc.) or the match will end in a goalless draw.

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Both teams to score bets are placed in the pre-match and live versions of all football competitions, such as Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga or exotic leagues, because BTTS type belongs to the basic offer of markets in this discipline. 

In pre-match bets, BTTS can be placed on the 1st and 2nd half as well as on the whole match, while in LIVE betting, usually only the full 90 minutes of play. You will find such selections in the offer of most legal online operators, for example in the offer of TOTALbet, forBET, LVBET or Superbet.

 Goal Handicap

Soccer handicaps are used to level the playing field and, at the same time, the odds between the clear favorite to win and the outsider. A goal handicap is expressed in a specific positive or negative figure which must be taken into account in relation to the team's actual goalscorer . These markets relate to the whole meeting as well as being used split by catch. Handicaps are divided into two-way (Asian handicap), where we will bet between two selections, and three-way (European handicap), with an additional option.

First, we will take a closer look at the Asian version, which is more popular with players for a very simple reason - in these markets it is much easier to win with the bookmaker , despite the fact that the coefficients here are slightly lower than the European counterpart. First things first. In the case of Asian handicaps, we use values ​​with "halves", such as +0.5, -0.5, +1.5, -2.5, etc., therefore after taking it into account - in a football match - it cannot fall draw.

For example, we will play the game Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona, ​​where we will play +1.5 to the Catalan Duma result. If the match ends with Real's 2: 1 victory, our coupon will be hit because the actual handicap score is 2: 2.5. This type of goal bet is used by all LIVE and pre-match operators.

The offer of trusted bookmakers also includes a second handicap for goals, the so-called European with integer values ​​such as -1, +2, -2, +3 goals. This means that after taking the handicap into account, a football match may end with a home win, away team win, or a draw. The more choice you pick, the higher the odds automatically as the odds of winning drop to 33%.

For example, we took Juventus vs Inter where we played Juventus with a handicap of -1 to his score. If the match ends with a 1-1 draw, then the bet will be lost because after correction the final result is 0: 1. With this assumption, the Old Lady would have to win by two goals over Inter.

Team to score a goal in the game

Extremely profitable markets for goals are also bets on whether the indicated team will score at least one goal in the match, eg Brazil in the match against Colombia to score a goal. The tip will be hit if the Canarinhos score one or more hits (score 1-0, 2-0, 3: 1). Players are very eager to use these selections because bookmakers make them available in a YES or NO two-way mode and assign attractive odds to them, especially for weaker teams facing a much stronger opponent.

Such goal subtypes will be available most often in pre-match bets, but there are cases, such as in TOTALbet or forBET, that the team goal tip will appear in live bets.

The "home / guest clean sheet" option is also a reverse bet. Here we have to indicate whether a given team will not lose a goal in the match, i.e. colloquially speaking it will play zero at the back. It is worth reaching for this type of goal picks in situations where we know that two teams prefer a defensive style of play and there will probably be few goals in the match or a definite favorite to play with a novice who will have a problem with scoring a goal (e.g. San Marino, Malta teams). , Andorra or Liechtenstein). You will find the pre-match market on a clean sheet, among others at BETFAN or Betclic.

 1st goal / last goal of the game

Finally, we recommend you the tips for the first and last goal in the match, which are also permanently in bets and are issued by the vast majority of licensed bookmakers - Fortuna, STS, Betclic, forBET or TOTALbet. As the name suggests, the bettors' task is to correctly bet on which team will score the first or the last goal of the match.

The 1st goal bet, which is often placed on pre-match coupons, is much more popular. In turn, the selection for the last goal hits the LIVE coupons more times, because by following the players' actions on the pitch, it will be much easier to indicate the team that will score the last goal.

First / Last Goal bets are shared as three way markets: No First Goal, Home To Score, Away To Score. Of course, the "no first goal" option will only apply to the least common situation, ie when the game ends in a goalless draw - the odds for this type will be the highest. The market for the first goal is worth using in betting on teams that play very offensive and systematically score a lot of goals in their matches, e.g. Manchester City, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid, etc.

Selected selections for goals can be bet with legal operators who systematically offer their tipsters great risk-free bets - cashback can be found, for example, in the welcome offer of Star Typ Sport. With this trusted beech, by registering your account with the LEGALSPORT code, you can get an extra cashback of EUR 234 and use it for any goal types from the pre-match and LIVE offer. And this is of course only one of the welcome cashbacks - the highest one can be found at Superbet (EUR 1,300 risk-free bonus, the promotion is valid for a week - you can get a refund for all lost coupons within 7 days).


Regularly defeating bookmakers for big money in goal bets is not as difficult as you think, but first you need to prepare for them properly. First of all, you need to start with a thorough analysis of the event on which you plan to put your own money. The form of the teams and their individual players as well as the rank of the game are of great importance here. 

It should not be forgotten that the appropriate bookmaker system that we choose to play for goals is also very important . Below we have listed the options that are available from licensed online operators and we have described some tips on how to effectively predict the selection for goals, which we hope you will find useful.

Safe method for AKO and SOLO

Undoubtedly, the safest method of betting goals is singles (SOLO). With these coupons, our task will be to predict the goal result of only one specific football match or one of the teams. The simplified task is that the verification of all statistical data will concern only two teams participating in the meeting. First of all, it is worth checking the clubs' personal line-ups - whether any of the key players is currently injured.

Secondly, and probably the most important thing, is to check the goals tab, i.e. how many teams score on average and how many goals they lose . In addition, you should also enter the history of direct meetings, the so-called Head To Head (H2H). The full preparation for betting ends with checking the style of the game and the club's preferences in individual formations. Of course, the final win will depend on the stake placed in the bet, which should be slightly higher with SOLO coupons, e.g. EUR 100.

In the case of multiple bets (AKO), we can place from two to even a dozen or so events on the coupon, which is associated with a higher risk of losing. In order for the coupon to be won, all bets must be hit, even one mistake will destroy the whole work, so it is worth preparing well before launching an accumulator. Here it is necessary to verify the goal statistics of all teams affected by the goal markets.

With AKO coupons, you do not have to limit yourself to one market - you can conveniently mix goal subtypes from different matches, e.g. the number of goals + BTTS + goal handicap. Some bookmakers, such as forBET, also allow you to combine several selections from one match (betArchitekt function). Importantly, by playing the AKO method, you can win big money for relatively low stakes (EUR 2, EUR 5), because the odds of individual types are multiplied.

Advanced method on SYSTEM

For more experienced tipsters, system bets (KOMBI) have also been prepared, which make it possible to accumulate single or multiple selections on one coupon . Such bets are worth choosing when we want to place more matches, but we have concerns whether all of them will "enter" - the SYSTEM is then a great protection against failure. This type of bet allows you to win even if a match is missed, but keep in mind that combo bets win less than AKO types.

Combo coupons are placed using special blocks, and the player creates a "how many and how many" system, e.g. 3 out of 4. In AKO 4 bets all four matches must be correctly selected, while in the 3 out of 4 system it is enough to win any winning (at least regaining own contribution) three games end according to the tipster's plan. Of course, hitting all four positions will result in the payout being higher, but much lower than it would be for an accumulator.

A reliable betting system for goal bets

When placing bets on goals, two systems are proven - SOLO and AKO. A single bet is a convenient option because it is enough to correctly predict goals for one football match and the winnings from the bookmaker will be paid out on the account. Multiple coupons consisting of three or more matches require more time from us for an in-depth analysis of individual parameters influencing the scoring of goals, but the potential financial profits at low rates will be satisfying. An example of a substantial win on an AKO coupon, taking into account the goal types, is a bookmaker coupon for EUR 200 at TOTALbet and a win of almost EUR 10,000!

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