How to bet on the Premier League

How to bet on the Premier League

Football competition in the British Isles has for years been popular not only among fans of kicked football, but also among sports betting enthusiasts. What is worth knowing about it and what kind of Premier League bookmakers should be chosen so that our tips are as effective as possible?

The English League is considered by many to be the best league class of the Old Continent. It is characterized primarily by the high pace and intensity of each action.

No wonder that it attracts football fans from all over the world, who follow and analyze the games on the English pitches with bated breath. The players of bookmakers also cannot pass indifferently next to the English league games, especially that every weekend they are offered a whole range of Premier League bookmakers, both pre-match, LIVE and long-term ones. This article was published thanks to the"" Betting Software Analysis.   


When selecting a competition in the Premier League, it is worth reaching for bets on the essence of football, i.e. goals. Importantly, we are talking about goals both scored and conceded. The Citizens fared particularly well in the former - in their campaigns from the 2010/2011 season to the 2017/2018 season, they led the ranking five times. It was no different in the 2017/2018 season, when the players from the blue part of Manchester found their way to the opponent's goal as many as 106 times.

Player tip: Manchester City shoots virtually anytime, anywhere. Therefore, bet that it will be similar in the next match.

As for other teams, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the statistics of Liverpool, which in the 2019/2020 season won the title of the English champion. At the other extreme is the Sheffield United team, which likes to end league matches with the so-called 2.5 goals undershot. This season will also be interesting in the clashes with Leeds United, which is fond of - thanks to Marcelo Bielsy - in offensive football.


A much bigger problem arises in the case of bets related to a team winning to zero or missing goals on both sides. This is due to the fact that there is no team like Atletico Madrid in the English Premier League , which every year in the Primera Division puts on an iron defense.

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So if we want to bet on clean goals in the Premier League , it seems reasonable to look only at the last season and rely on its analysis - so in the 2019/2020 campaign, the Reds remained the most concentrated (33 conceded goals). Manchester City was not much worse, having scored only two goals more.

Tip for the player:  In games where one of the heroes is a team from the blue parts of Manchester, it is worth betting on the lack of goals on the opponent's side.

However, looking more broadly at the aforementioned statistics, the players of Sheffield United, who lost only 39 goals last season, are also doing well. Crystal Palace should be distinguished from the lower ranked teams. The Eagles took only 14th place, but several teams with higher scores lost more goals.


Enthusiasts of island competition should certainly not avoid long-term bets , especially those related to the English championship and the goalscorer, where there are rarely big surprises. This is best evidenced by the fact that since 2009, practically only four teams have been dealing cards in the Premier League, i.e. Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea. The 2015/2016 season is an exception here, when the Leicester City team enjoyed the title of the championship.

Player tip: When betting on long-term Premier League bets, bet on the favorites, as they are the ones who usually turn out to be the best in the end, even with many turbulences. When placing bets on the winner of the English league, your best chance of winning is by betting on Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United.

Nothing similar should take place in the 2020/2021 campaign, which is fully confirmed by the views of betting operators. And so the legal bookmaker LVBET sees a clear favorite of this competition in Pep Guardiola's players, to whom he added an exchange rate of 1.70. According to the main sponsor of Wisła Kraków, a team from the Beatles city (odds 3.20) and the one from the west of London (odds 11.00) may also join the fight.

The bookmaker STS also approaches the case, offering almost identical odds to the triumph of the first two clubs. The official sponsor of the Polish football team was ranked next in this ranking by Spurs (odds 17.50), Red Devils (odds 40.00) and The Gunners (odds 50.00).

Finally, the Premier League's long-term goalkeeper bets are worth mentioning . The bookmakers' favorite is Mohamed Salah (odds 6.00), who represents the colors of Liverpool on a daily basis. The following places were followed by Harry Kane (odds 6.50), Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (odds 7.00) and Chelsea's Timo Werner (odds 10.00).

Tip for the player: When betting on the top scorer of the English league, it is worth betting on well-known characters who have already been able to prove many times that scoring goals is their everyday life. Your best chance of winning is Mohamed Salah.

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