System bets at the bookmaker

System bets at the bookmaker

We've already written about accumulators and singles recently, so now it's time to spend some time on system bets. Players who bet on sports events on a daily basis with legal online betting operators are more and more willing to supplement their betting strategies with this type of coupons. Why are bettors so eager to write, and how do they score in terms of effectiveness? You will find the answers to these and other questions in the text below.

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System bets are also referred to as combo bets, call bets or simply callouts in bookmaker jargon. If you want to diversify your game system with this type of coupons, you should familiarize yourself with all the names, because they are used alternately especially at stationary points.

It all depends, among others, on the bookmaker (STS or Fortuna), in which you run sports / mutual bets and on the person working at the ground point.


First, let's discuss what system bets are and how they work. This knowledge will be useful if you are a beginner or an intermediate tipster.

How systems work

In system (block) bets, you do not need to hit all selected events to claim your winnings. It is worth noting that it is the bettor who determines the minimum number of selections that must be positively settled, and not, for example, the bookmaker. The maximum winnings are definitely smaller than in AKO bets (in some cases they are even five times smaller). This is due to the fact that part of the winnings are shifted to, for example, the minimum amounts to be paid out.

System bets are most often used by players who count on high winnings, but at the same time want to maintain maximum security. It is possible because not all selected selections have to be hit in the end.

An example of how to play with the system

For example, we place a sportsbook with ten selections and we want to play it as a system bet. So we can bet, for example, both 2 out of 10, 5 out of 10 and 9 out of 10. Let's assume that we decide on 5 out of 10, because we are not entirely sure about our meetings. This means that  we will get the minimum win for hitting any five matches out of ten ! Naturally, if we hit more matches, we will be entitled to receive the higher win, so we are not blocked in any way by the minimum number of events. We have everything on the coupon at hand, so we don't have to worry about anything.

It all depends on us, although it should be noted that the more declared "must enter" events, the greater the winnings (winnings for 5 out of 10 will be definitely smaller than for 9 out of 10). If it turns out that the final amount does not satisfy us, then we can additionally raise the entire bet with so-called bankers , which can raise the final win.

However, it should be remembered that adding a certainty, not to mention two or three, is associated with a risk, because missing such a position - which, despite its misleading name, is not so unlikely - immediately spoils the entire coupon. Therefore, we recommend that you add bankers to such bets only when you are 99% sure of the position.


The scheme described above is not the only one when it comes to system bets in the bookmaker . Typers can make betting on sports events even more varied, and thus definitely increase their possible winnings. They can do this with block bets which in principle look like normal system coupons. So what's the difference?

In block bets, instead of single matches on the coupon, we have blocks that can even consist of several events. Then, without any problems, we can construct a plant consisting of, for example, four blocks - A, B, C and D, where each of them consists of three selections.

If we play such a coupon as 2 of 4, it means that  we have to hit at least two full blocks (six matches from two groups) . We will win the coupon if, for example, we hit block A and block B or block B and block C or block A and block D. However, if we hit block A, and in the next three we miss one event, then the coupon will be lost. Naturally, in block bets we can also add bankers, which operate on the same principles as in the system bets described above.


The biggest disadvantage of system bets is the maximum win, which is significantly underestimated by bookmakers compared to accumulated coupons. This is due to the fact that betting operators translate some of it into, for example, minimal wins. How does it look like in an example?

An AKO coupon played for PLN 30 and consisting of eight events (with odds 2.18, 1.92, 1.81, 1.45, 1.52, 1.86, 1.63 and 1.80 respectively) guarantees a potential win of PLN 2,153.41 . However, the same stake (exactly PLN 30.80, because you cannot play in the system for PLN 30) and the same games in the 5 out of 8 system allow you to win only PLN 458.47 (the minimum win for five hits is PLN 5.62 in this case). You can see the difference with the naked eye, so we recommend that you raise your stakes a bit when making system bets. Then the assumed winnings will blush.


Most often, this type of bets is decided by players who like to throw a lot of selection on their coupons, but at the same time want to maintain maximum security. They decide to make such a move, because you can risk a thesis that  system coupons are such an intermediate form between AKO bets and singles .

The former guarantee high wins with a lower stake, while the latter are great in the long run, providing quite favorable stats. System bets allow you to combine the two coupons mentioned above directly, of course maintaining all the natural proportions resulting from the prevailing differences.

The best bookmaker for system bets

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