Tips on how to bet on the English league

Tips on how to bet on the English league

The Premier League, the English Premier League, is one of the two best football entertainment classes in Europe. No wonder that it takes a key place in the offer of legal bookmakers every year. So what is worth knowing about it and what to pay attention to before betting so that the effectiveness of our tips is as high as possible?

Read what the statistical repetition in Premier League matches gives the player a higher chance of hitting a bet and thus the possibility of winning with the bookmaker.

Use a few simple rules that professional punters who specialize in top-tier matches in England apply in their combinations. Thanks to this, you will be able to bet on the Premier League successfully . Remember that these are only subjective hints. This means that you can easily modify them and change them according to your individual betting strategy.


The English league attracts millions of fans all over the world in front of TV sets, laptops, computers and even mobile phones . Its characteristic features are, above all, the high pace of the game and remarkable tenacity, which often translates into sharp fouls. And it is they that guarantee above-average interest on the part of bettors.

In the end, they are betting on the power of the English Premier League. Not only are SOLO or AKO plants used for this purpose, but also SYSTEM . The last option is used first of all by players who place the entire round in bulk, tax-free, at one betting site. This article was published thanks to the"" Betting Software Analysis.   

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What is particularly important, however, in the competition in the British Isles, there are some rules that may be particularly helpful when betting on sports on the Premier League . So who rules it in recent years and collects the next championship titles? Which team is known for their defensive play and which is known for their offensive power? We will try to answer these questions below.


The following information may prove useful, above all, for fans of long-term betting on the English league . In the last seasons of the Premier League, practically only three teams are dealing cards: Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United.

These teams have won most of the championship trophies in recent years - one exception is the 2015/2016 campaign, when Leicester City unexpectedly finished first with Marcin Wasilewski in a wide line-up.

Player tip: When betting on the winner of the English league it is best to bet on Manchester City, Manchester United or Liverpool.

In the current edition of the Premier League, the dominance of these clubs should not be disturbed - this is also what legal online bookmakers , such as STS, Superbet or PZBUK, predict. How are the individual odds for the favored teams distributed? We already present everything to you. We will do it with a simple table so that you have everything clearly presented.

The Chelsea team may join this year's fight, as they want to return to the British elite after spectacular transfers. The betting odds for Chelsea to win the Premier League are around 11.00 a.m., so it's a perfect match for a SOLO coupon. At the moment, the best coefficient on The Blues is issued by STS - you can get the odds at the level of 12.75. If you bet on the London team for the start-up bonus with our code LEGALSPORT (e.g. for a stake of PLN 500), you can get over PLN 6,000.


This information, in turn, should be of interest to tipsters who enjoy betting on individual players in the context of goals scored. In recent years, Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur's main forward, and Jamie Vardy , a Leicester City sniper, have performed particularly well in this field .

Player tip: Bets on Premier League goalscorer are worth betting on Harry Kane or possibly Mohamed Salah. Aubameyang can also surprise fans.

Liverpool player Mohamed Salah is also a goal scorer in recent seasons. Who could be the black end of this rivalry? In our opinion, it is worth taking a look at the footballer of the London Arsenal - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang . An experienced player in each season maintains a high form, which ensures him a minimum of 20 goals per season.

Currently, the rates for Gabonczyk oscillate around 7.00, so they look pretty solid. It is also worth mentioning that for all operators licensed by the Ministry of Finance , at the moment, Mohamed Salah is the favorite to win the golden shoe in England (the coefficients are balancing around 6.00).


There are also some rules in the Premier League that can be very useful for players who like to bet on goals in selected matches . These are exactly the teams that are doing particularly well on the offensive.

Player tip:  In games where Manchester City is participating, it is a good idea to bet that there will be at least one goal.

Manchester City is in the lead here - in the last seven seasons, Citizens have turned out to be the best five times in this respect. The aforementioned dominance was best seen in the penultimate campaign, when the team led by Pep Guardiola recorded as many as 106 hits. Liverpool is also doing just as well, with three strikers as their driving force.


When discussing the issue of the most goals scored teams, it is also worth taking a look at the situation regarding teams whose main strength is defense. Hence, these statistics at bookmakers can be used by players choosing bets regarding the lack of hits on both sides (both teams will score - no) or the win of a given team to zero.

Player tip: Both sides are best bet on matches played by Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

It should be noted, however, that in the case of the Premier League, one team is missing to win this classification every year. This is due to the fact that the level of the English league is extremely even. You can even risk a thesis that the Premier League is the most even competition in the world (what's more, the rivalry becomes even tighter with each successive year).

And so, in the last campaign, Manchester City looked great in the back , which translated into few goals conceded. Two years earlier, the most difficult goal was against Kogutom (26 goals). However, looking more broadly at these data from previous seasons, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United must also be among these teams.


Football in the British Isles is the most frequently staked league in sports betting . Goals, free kicks, yellow and red cards - apart from handicap matches, there are many events that give you money and allow you to win, no matter how and how much you bet.

We recommend registering an account with 2 or 3 bookmakers. Fortuna and LVBET have high odds, Betfan, Millenium and Fortuna tax free games, and optimal bonuses forBET, Betfan and eWinner. You need a promotional code for the bonus - you will find it in the last table ("Bonus code").

When asked by a new tipster - where is the best place to bet on the Premier League? We answer: where the odds are highest, play tax-free and have the highest bonus on most deposits. Unfortunately, one bookmaker with all these advantages does not exist. There are the best beeches that have high odds and bonus for example, or tax free game and big bonus. Below is a list of the best and proven bookmakers.

We mentioned that we recommend registering with tech bookmakers. Which ones exactly and why? First of all, we recommend STS Zakłady Bukmacherskie , which provides a great package of starting bonuses and low margins for individual matches. Then we distinguish LVBET and Betclic - it is worth playing with these Premier League operators, because both beech trees have attractive betting odds in their assortment.

Finally, we pay attention to the bookmaker BETFAN, which in addition to the game without tax , also has a risk-free bonus and turnover of up to PLN 100 and high odds for the favorites of the English Premier League. You can find more about individual operators in our ranking of legal bookmakers . List last updated: December 2021.


In the section below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Premier League tips.

1. What are the most popular bets on the English Football League?

Long-term bets, for example on the final standings, are very popular. Picks for the top shooter are also gaining more and more popularity. You can find more about the most popular plants HERE.

2. What is worth betting on the English Premier League?

Before placing a bet, it is worth doing a short analysis, which will definitely make it easier to choose a profitable selection. Our observations show that the goals for example in the English league look quite solid.

3. What bets can I place on the English League?

The bookmaker offer for the English league at legal bookmakers is very extensive. You can bet not only the traditional 1X2, but also handicaps, number of goals, number of corners or yellow cards. The choice is really solid and will satisfy every tipster.

4. Which bookmaker has the best picks and odds for the English Premier League?

There is no single bookmaker that guarantees a full package of benefits for the English league. If you want to optimize your Premier League coupons, you should set up accounts with at least 2-3 operators. Details can be found HERE .

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